Gorjuss Proyecto #3: On Top Of The World

Gorjuss Cross Stitch Project #3: On Top Of The World
20121106-060158 p.m..jpg

Este diseño de punto cruz de Gorjuss tiene mostacillas pequeñas /This kit of Gorjuss have beads
20121108-091018 p.m..jpg

20121030-010419 p.m..jpg


7 respuestas a “Gorjuss Proyecto #3: On Top Of The World

      1. You could always buy one of those frames that are used for collages and put them in there. Even if you have to use 2 different ones, I think that it’d look cute. I actually want them for myself but saying that I will make them for my daughter makes me feel better about wanting to buy all of them. 🙂 Where do you get the kits from and how much are they?

      2. I want this kind of frame I found:

        What do you think?
        I bought two kits at http://www.atlascraft.co.uk
        I paid £14.95 + £3.95 worldwide shipping, it’s around $35 it took 2 weeks to get to Perú. Also I bought at Bothy Threads but was a little bit expensive. Now I am cheking at Santoro’s website, looks good.
        You can check another website: sewandso.co.uk thanks to hotmess10 who posted it!

      3. That’s a nice frame!! Would you use it for all of the patterns and hang them all next to each other? Maybe you should get 2 different frames and hang half of them in one frame and the other half in the other frame. That way it would look like a design on your wall too.

        I was looking at Bothy Threads and it was quite expensive there so I think I’m going to look at the other sites you suggested. I’m in the US but really want some of those patterns. Actually I want them all but I’ll have to start with some of them. Hehe

  1. It’s beautiful. I just finished The Runaway birth announcement for my niece and my daughter just finished Puddles of Love. Only her second cross-stitch project, and she did really well.


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